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MLOG #1 Japanese drummers (revised)

*** PREVIEW *** The World's First MLOG :0

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I've decided - I think! - to put up about 30 of these short films next year, on Youtube. MLOGS, I call them :D

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(The point is - I'm editing a Virtual Reality / Documentary Film project about music and culture around the world. But my Youtube/ADHD addled mind got so bored one day that I "remixed" bits of the film with my own music, added narration, and...poof voila (!) I invented the Mlog. Whee hee :D

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"I’ve been making music since I was four-years old, but mostly, it sucked. Maybe because it was influenced by all the junk on Youtube, and the radio, and all that stuff...I don’t know. So I decided to go around the world, filming the kind of music that wasn’t on Youtube, or on the radio.

I was in this village, in the middle of Japan somewhere, and saw these amazing drummers. Local people just walked by, like it didn’t matter.

"But it mattered to me.

"If this music inspires one person out there to make music music, again, then I’ll have done my job.

"Hey, it already did - look at me!"